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My favourite products
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I have always suffered from dry, sensitive skin with eczema. For years I just used my trusty old friend, E45, but then one day I woke up and spotted my first wrinkle- alarm bells went off! If I have 'dry skin,' I thought, then surely I must be even more succeptable than most to the aging process? Thus began my beauty mission. My quest to find the best skincare and anti-aging products out there for dry, sensitive skin...

Monday, 31 January 2011

Disappointingly simple .... anti wrinkle eye cream

Oh damn it!

Just looked in the mirror and my skin looks awful!!! Saggy bags under my eyes and a really dry texture and the wrinkles oh my god!! Never seen it look so bad! The wrinkles had extended down under my eye bags I could not believe it. Ok, I was looking in the magnifying mirror. And come to think of it, I moisturised at about 7am this morning and went out straight after work so that's a 15 hour stretch ...

I have now cleansed and moisturised, (facial oil, eye cream and all) and feel much better but that was really shocking! I usually moisturise straight away when I get in from work and not doing it certainly showed.

But I have been having doubts about my current eye cream (simple anti-aging eye cream) and this is the final straw! It just doesn't seem to be stopping the wrinkles at all, in fact I'm sure I've developed more than ever in the past month I've been using it. It feels nice to put on because its quite gel-like, cooling and soothing , but it's just not moisturising enough for my dry skin. For me, dryness = wrinkles and I really don't get these anti-wrinkle products that are thin and watery- where's the moisture in that?!

So I have been using the simple eye cream since my last eye cream blog but I really feel that I have given it a fair run and it's just not doing it for me at the moment. I am properly disappointed as it's obviously a cheaper one, I was feeling so smug at saving all that money but I never had these doubts about my more expensive caudalie eye cream =(

Anyway, the next one I have to trial is the nivea Q10 anti-aging eye cream..... but it's not looking good so far- just put it on and my eyes feel puffy and sore already- boo! Will definitely give it a bit more time though....

Anyone know a lovely moisturising eye cream with anti-wrinkle properties as well, that's not too expensive??


  1. aldi's lacura eye cream has coq10 and cost about $4. i like it.

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